Fawole Israel Emerges As Speaker Oyo State Youth Parliament, Second Assembly.


2nd International Scientific Research Conference, 2023

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Fawole Israel giving his acceptance speech

A big win for the nursing community in Nigeria as one of our own, Fawole Israel, incumbent PRO of The Institute of Nursing Research, Nigeria, emerges as honorable speaker of the Oyo State Youth Parliament, Second Assembly

Fawole Israel is an astute member & leader of The Institute of Nursing Research, Nigeria.  

Israel served as National President of Nigerian Universities Nursing Students Association (NUNSA). He is currently serving as the editor in chief of the African Novice Nurses and Student Initiative (ANNSI) Scientific Bulletin and the Public Relations Officer of the Institute of Nursing Research, Nigeria (INRN). 

He is a Member of the Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing (Sigma), Society for Engineering in Medicine and Biology Institute of Electrical Electronics Engineering (IEEE), International Society for Telemedicine, and eHealth. 

He has been with the Institute from its founding days, a friend, supporter & a vital part of the leadership structure of The Institute. 

The Institute is excited about this significant achievement for both its community & The Nursing Ecosystem in Nigeria, Africa, and the world. 

“I feel good about it, because it’s a call to duty, a call to serve, and call to lead by example. A call for the youths to be involved in decision making at the governance level beyond the scope of student unionism, and it’s also a good sign for democracy in Nigeria and Africa at large.”

Those were his words when asked how he felt about his new leadership role. 

From the brief interview, Fawole articulated how he was going to contribute his quota to the transformation of healthcare in Oyo state. 

He stressed that we need to create solutions with the help of research, and not just conducting research, but the implementation of these research findings.  

Here’s his acceptance speech [published with permission]. 

Brief Bio

“Fawole Israel is a research-focused nurse and a health and nursing informatics specialist professional, with a wealth of hands-on experience gained in a range of clinical and academic settings. 

He is committed to working closely with patients, families, and other professionals for well-rounded care. 

Israel demonstrates the ability to apply learning in challenging environments and has built excellent professional and intersectoral/professional relationships.

Fawole is eager to contribute to team success through hard work, attention to detail, and excellent organizational skills.

Israel is skilled in data science and data analytics using SPSS, R, SQL, PowerBI, Python

He has a strong passion for technological innovation in health hence what inspires his interest in Health Informatics. 

He has several journalistic and academic publications to his credit in reputable national dailies, international and universities journals.

He graduated from the Faculty of Nursing, Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomoso, Nigeria.

He has a remarkable passion to empower and support organizational performance beyond predictable height by his ability to plan, coordinate, implement practices and procedures to bring significant improvement, efficiency, and productivity. He communicates with a remarkable ability to influence.”

When asked what his motivation is, his answer is summed up in the word ‘service’. This speaks volumes of the kind of leader he is and what we should expect from him as a community of healthcare professionals, the state & the country.  

“Service to humanity, the desire to see that the society is transformed at all levels.”

A Giant Step Forward

Fawole Israel

The nursing community in Nigeria has taken another great leap forward to the actualization of her leadership goals in Nigeria. 

There has been a sudden surge in the global advocacy for governments to invest in Nursing leadership. And nursing organizations and communities worldwide have keyed into this vision by using their various platforms to create campaigns – educating, inspiring & empowering nurses. 

We know that there will be more Nurses who will emerge as National & International leaders. 

This breed of nurses will represent the profession the way we want them to, carrying the burden, and having a solid vision for the future of the profession. 

They will be in Governance & Leadership, in Industry, Commerce & Finance, in Technology & Science, Research & Academics – all over. 

We will have them in strategic positions in society, fighting for the enactment of policies that will favor the growth & development of the profession.  

“Nurses should get involved with politics. It’s when we are involved that we can influence decisions that affects the profession. I encourage nurses to stop being apathetic towards politics. We need more nurses who will be active in the political realms of leadership, they should get their PVC’s [Permanent Voter’s Card], join political parties, attend ward meetings — they should be fully involved, participating in political activities at all levels — from the Local Governments to the State, and to the National level, contributing to matters that concern nation-building.” 

Fawole Israel. 

Nurses need to discard societal myths that have prevented them from being actively involved in political leadership. 

If we are not properly represented we can’t push for the desired change. 

And who is in the best position to represent us, to defend our interest than someone from within? 

This is a call to all nurses [not just in Nigeria, but in Africa & all over the globe] to start taking political leadership seriously. 

The Institute sends her hearty congratulations to Rt. Hon Fawole Israel, and prays that this will be one giant leap for him as a leader, and for the nursing community. 

How have you been impacted by The Institute of Nursing Research, Nigeria? Do you have testimonies? If you do, kindly send us an email, our Editorial will take it from there. 


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