Testimonials From The Previous International Scientific Conference (2021)

We have brought together a couple of exciting testimonials from our previous scientific conference. Here are the testimonies of amazing nurses who have experienced a form of transformation in different aspects of their nursing careers. If you want to make a positive change in your career, you can find inspiration from these testimonies. The doors […]

Getting Ready For A Scientific Conference: Preparation Tips

International Scientific Conference - Institute of Nursing Research Official Banner

Whether you’re a seasoned nurse researcher, a budding nurse scientist, or a student with a serious research interest, attending scientific conferences is an exciting opportunity to dive deep into the latest advancements in your field.

Meet INR 2023 Conference Speakers

International Scientific Conference - Institute of Nursing Research Official Banner

Meet the exceptional scholars, entrepreneurs, leaders and professionals who will be speaking at the International Scientific Research Conference of The Institute of Nursing Research, Nigeria. You don’t want to miss the value they have to offer!

Types Of Scientific Conferences And Their Peculiarities 

Various gatherings/meetings in academia serve different objectives and have distinct characteristics. While the goal and objectives may vary, one principal aim is to share knowledge and discuss issues surrounding particular topics or themes.

The Institute Of Nursing Research Nigeria Celebrates Her Chief Executive Officer On His Birthday

The Institute of Nursing Research Nigeria is celebrating the birthday of its Chief Executive Officer today. We want to wish a very Happy Birthday to this visionary leader and outstanding scholar! The CEO’s commitment to advancing nursing research has gained recognition both locally and internationally. His remarkable academic achievements and unwavering dedication to advancing healthcare […]

An Overview of Scientific Conferences

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“A scientific conference (or an academic conference) is a gathering where scholars, academics or professionals present their scholarly works, discuss issues about their profession or fields of study and interact with other professionals, experts and leaders.”

Introduction To Scientific Conferences 

“When people think of Scientific Conferences, they often imagine lengthy and monotonous lectures, countless presentations, and experts sitting on panels to discuss research and review papers.”

The Second Edition Of Nursing Cable Is Now Available 

We are excited to present our readers and community with the second edition of Nursing Cable. Nursing Cable is the official newsletter of the Journal Club of the Institute of Nursing Research, Nigeria.  In this edition, we have highlighted the major activities of the Institute, which include celebrating the achievements of our leaders and members, key collaborations with […]

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