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2nd International Scientific Research Conference, 2023

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Hello, dear scholar! How are you doing today? And how are you preparing for the scientific conference? 

It’s starting tomorrow! 

We know you are as excited as we are! 

And if you haven’t yet registered, you can still do so with the link below. 

We would be extremely excited to see you at the conference tomorrow! 

Whether you’re a seasoned nurse researcher, a budding nurse scientist, or a student with a serious research interest, attending scientific conferences is an exciting opportunity to dive deep into the latest advancements in your field. 

To ensure you make the most of this experience, let’s explore some practical tips to get you well-prepared and ready to make the most of a scientific research conference: 

Early Bird Gets The Worm: Register In Advance

Before the conference buzz kicks in, secure your spot by registering early. 

Many conferences offer discounted rates for early birds, so save yourself some money and beat the last-minute rush. 

However, if you missed the early bird offer for this conference, you can always target the early bird offers for other conferences and our future conferences. 

Map Out Your Game Plan: Review The Schedule

   Once you’ve registered, familiarise yourself with the conference schedule. 

Identify key sessions, workshops, and speakers you want to catch. 

Planning ahead ensures you won’t miss out on the most valuable parts of the conference

Before any conference, ensure you already have a solid description of your interests and what you want to learn. 

Once you have done that, quickly identify sessions that feed your interests and study beforehand so you can have intelligent questions to ask during those sessions that will enable you to learn more and even attract some attention you (pro-tip). 

Meet INR 2023 Conference Speakers

Pack Smart: Essentials For Your Conference Kit

   Your conference survival kit should include essentials like:

   – Notepad and pens for jotting down key points (though some conferences make this available for participants). 

   – Business cards for networking (for those who are in serious business). 

   – Laptop or tablet for note-taking and accessing digital resources (you can use your device; just ensure it’s properly charged and has good access to the internet).

   – Comfortable shoes – trust us, you’ll be doing a lot of walking. 

Stay Connected: Embrace the Conference Community

Many conferences have dedicated online/virtual communities that provide real-time updates, schedules, and networking opportunities. 

Ensure you are in the correct conference community and communicate with other attendees online. 

Dress for Success: Find The Right Balance

   Dress professionally but comfortably. You may be sitting for long periods, so choose attire that strikes the perfect balance between polished and relaxed. 

There isn’t a particular way to dress for conferences; however, there’s a universal dressing language when it comes to academic communities. 

You don’t want to dress like a pop star or like someone going to a party. 

Just make sure you strike the balance, look smart and appear respectable. 

Fuel Your Brain: Pack Snacks and Hydrate

   Conferences can be mentally draining, so keep your energy levels up by packing healthy snacks. 

Don’t forget to stay hydrated – a water bottle is your best conference companion.

Though most conferences provide water and snacks, it’s always good to have some backup, just in case. 

Network Like a Pro: Break the Ice

Networking is a crucial part of any conference. 

Prepare a brief introduction about yourself and your work. 

Don’t hesitate to initiate conversations during coffee breaks or poster sessions – you never know where a casual chat may lead.

And in the nursing and healthcare community, where opportunities abound, you never can tell who will be the link that connects you to greater things! 

Charge Up: Power for Your Devices

Keep your devices fully charged (as earlier stated). 

Conferences are notorious for limited power outlets (there are so many people looking for juice to power up low devices), so bring a portable charger to ensure you stay connected and capture those priceless moments.

Engage on Social Media: Amplify Your Experience

Join the conference conversation on social media platforms. 

Use the conference hashtag to share your insights, connect with other attendees, and stay informed about impromptu events.

This is one of the most powerful ways to become a solid member of any community. 

During and even after the conference, ensure you partake fully in all their social media outreaches and activities. We’ll be sharing a couple of #hashtags during and after the conference. Make sure you use them on social media and follow us! 

Reflect and Review: Post-Conference Follow-Up

 After the conference, take time to reflect on what you’ve learned. 

Review your notes, connect with new contacts on professional platforms, and consider how the insights gained can be applied to your own work.

This point is the most important. 

Though conferences are good for socialising and connecting with peers and leaders, learning stays at the core. 

You are at the conference to learn new things that will make you a better scholar, leader and nurse. 

Settle Your Accommodation: Don’t Get Stranded

Most conferences provide accommodation options for participants, and it’s always wise to settle your accommodation before arriving, especially if you are coming in from out of town. 

We’ve got a couple of accommodation plans for you. To find out more, check our accommodation page; it has all the information and contact of our accommodation team. 

Armed with these preparation tips, you’re now ready to make a splash at the conference tomorrow! Yippee! 

Embrace the opportunity to learn, connect, and contribute to the ever-evolving world of nursing research.

Safe travels, and may your conference experience be both enlightening and enjoyable!

Still haven’t registered yet? Well, you still have the opportunity to do so. You don’t want to miss out. Opportunities like this don’t always come all the time. 


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