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2nd International Scientific Research Conference, 2023

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Recently, I was speaking with an experienced nurse who specializes in perioperative nursing and he asked me certain questions about how my internship program has been so far. 

He made certain comments and also gave me some words of advice which I would like to share because I believe it would help someone out there, someone like me fresh out of school, newly joining the workforce, and full of excitement (and questions) ready to practice all that we have been taught in school. 

Here we go:

1. Take Care Of Yourself/Health:

Nurses like to take care of everyone but they don’t take care of themselves, and this is wrong (I still don’t understand the scientific rationale behind that). 

While taking care of others, do take good care of your health. He said that it is not unusual to find a nurse with a systolic B.P of over 200mmHg taking care of a patient with a systolic of 140mmHg.

Who do you think needs more care? I would leave you to answer that. Unhealthy Nurses cannot render better care to unhealthy clients/patients.

2. Never Take Your Food Back Home: 

As simple as this might sound, he stated how important this was. It is common to see Nurses take back home the food they bring to work because of the workload at their workplace. He said, “always find time to eat during work hours no matter how tight the work may be, it is very important.”

3. Enjoy The Work: 

No matter the unit you are posted to or the kind of work you get to do, learn to enjoy it. 

Don’t go through each day frowning or complaining. 

The kind of attitude you carry to your work shows, and it would either endear people to you or repel people away from you. 

It would also show in the care you render.

4. Do Your Best: 

Ensure you give your best to whatever you do, even if people don’t appreciate it or it seems it doesn’t count but your conscience would be clear and you would have no regrets. Moreover, God rewards. The best rewards come from Him.

5. Keep Growing: 

Don’t stop learning. Be curious. Be inquisitive. Be aware of new developments in the profession and around you. 

Apply correct knowledge to your practice.


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