20 Scholarly Quotes on Research That Will Fire-up Nurse Researchers On Their Research Journeys


2nd International Scientific Research Conference, 2023

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20 Scholarly Quotes on Research That Will Fire-up Nurse Researchers On Their Research Journeys.

Research is seeing what everybody else has seen and thinking what nobody else has thought

Albert Szent-Györgyi 
Image Credit: Unsplash

A tiny quote may be just what you need to break through that mental barrier that has prevented you from entering your next level of growth, development & adventure in the world of research.  

A large percentage of these quotes have been drawn from our wide & diverse library of articles, essays, journal club reports/meetings – some have also been picked from other online sources.

We want to bring out the researcher in you. As a community dedicated to inspiring Nurses to embrace the culture of research, we have designed a Journal Club that solely pursues that goal. 

Let these quotes spur you to action: 

An abstract is an overview of research work or a snapshot that is a key aspect. It showcases your findings and opens doors for research collaborations.

Adesuyi Emmanuel

An abstract is a summary or overview of the contents of a research article, journal, or report. This gives the reader a hint on what to expect

Paul Sanda

The beauty of a manuscript is in the quality of the peer-review process 

Chimerigo Anne Bright

Academic writing is a skill that can be learned. The more you write, the better you can. Keep writing

Sanda Paul

Abstracts are not abstract; this little portion of your research work is an important part. It’s brief & powerful, packing in very few words the major details of your work

Ayinla Daniel

“Research means that you don’t know, but are willing to find out”

Charles F. Kettering
Image Credit: Unsplash

Theory generates research for nursing development. It is to address the phenomenon of nursing interest, human beings, health, and caring in the contest of the nurse-patient relationship –

Tola Yetunde

Check how other authors write, read better and you will write better. You learn the art of writing by writing

Olubunmi Ogungbe

A high-quality journal has a relatively good or high impact factor. The higher the impact factor, the more prestigious the journal is

Olubunmi Ogungbe

Presenting an abstract in a Conference creates Boldness, it helps one to be exposed and it also enables you to do what you are unable to do before

Faleti Daniel

Members of INRJC are automatically members of INR and they are expected to be fully involved in the planning of the upcoming INRN international conference because it is their program. They are trained to become a force to reckon with. They also serve as the link between the Institute and their various schools of Nursing, Department of Nursing, and Hospitals

Faleti Daniel

One of the priceless indispensable qualities of a researcher is the ability to pay attention to details –

Oluwadamilare Akingbade

The most common Research that can be presented at a conference includes Empirical Study, Quantitative and Qualitative Research. Each Conference has its own rules which must be strictly followed according to the theme/guideline

Adesuyi Emmanuel

An abstract must be compelling and strong enough to stand alone and not depend on anything yet continuous. It must concisely report the aims and outcomes of your research, following the guidelines of the journal

Adesuyi Emmanuel

The INRN Journal Club is one of its kind. No other Nursing Community on the African continent boasts of such an initiative dedicated to the nurturing of the research faculties of Nurses

Ayinla Daniel

As formal and as rigid as Research may look (from the outside), you can appreciate it by understanding what makes it unique

Ayinla Daniel
Image Credit: Unsplash

Research is not merely the gathering of information nor the rearrangement of known facts. Generally, research is the organized and systematic method of finding answers to questions

Idigbe Glory

If the essence of research, which is the interpretation of data is not carried out, then genuine research is not done – .

Idigbe Glory

Research is only successful if we find answers, whether we like these answers or not. Development research is focused on relevant, useful, and important questions. If there are no questions, there can be no research

Idigbe Glory

The International Scientific Conference is a rare & uncommon opportunity for Registered Nurses who are enthusiastic about growing their networkprofessional relationships & competencies in the area of Nursing Research, Nursing Innovation & Nursing Leadership.

Ayinla Daniel

A research problem is a perplexing or troubling situation that a researcher wants to address through disciplined inquiry.

Oluwadamilare Akingbade

“Research is something that everyone can do, and everyone ought to do. It is simply collecting information and thinking systematically about it.”

Raewyn Connell

We hope you found a little spark from these words. 

To become part of our Journal Club, and seize the rare opportunity to interact, with Nurse Scholars, Academics, Researchers & Leaders, who share the same passion that we share as an academic community, kindly follow this link [you will be directed on how to become a member]. 

We want to walk with you as you journey to becoming a world-class nurse researcher.

With excellent research skills, you will stand out as a professional, it will serve as a badge that distinguishes you from the ordinary professional.

Start your research mastery journey now. 


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