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2nd International Scientific Research Conference, 2023

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Are you a passionate nurse looking to stay at the forefront of advancements in nursing research?

Have you been searching for a professional nursing research platform where you can engage with like-minded professionals, share knowledge, and elevate your career to new heights? 

Look no further – our Nursing Journal Club is calling out to you!

The Institute of Nursing Research, Nigeria, has built one of Africa’s most vibrant and growing communities of nursing scholars.

For more than six years, the institute has been at the forefront of nursing academia in Nigeria. 

Our conferences have hosted international experts, leaders and professionals in the global nursing community, and our career summits have impacted the professional lives of numerous nurses at all cadres, and our community outreaches and strategic partnerships have impacted the lives of families and communities in Nigeria.

We are transforming the nursing academia landscape in Nigeria and Africa with our innovative problem-solving approach.  

Our Journal Club community comprises seasoned nursing researchers and scholars from all over the globe with diverse experience and rich exposure in the dynamic world of nursing research and academia. 

We started the journal club some years back to strengthen further our efforts in equipping nurses with the required tools to become exceptional scholars in the scientific world. 

Problem-solving is a scientific endeavour that involves using scientific approaches to solve real-life problems. 

Nurses who want to be at the very front solving problems must be equipped with the required toolsexpertise and technical know-how

Our journal club is positioned to provide nurses with the needed community, resources and, most importantly, mentorship relationships required for them to grow their research and problem-solving abilities. 

For your ideas to be valid, respected and accepted, you must be able to prove them scientifically, and the only way we turn our ideas into real solutions, especially in the healthcare ecosystem, is through thorough research. 

Evidence-based practices in healthcare are backed up by years of continuous research. And nurses, by virtue of their position in the healthcare chain of care, are the healthcare professionals who should be discovering innovative solutions to the many problems plaguing the healthcare ecosystem.  

As problem solvers and innovators, their solutions will be more credible if supported by thorough research.

Unleash The Scholar Within!

There’s a scholar hidden inside you. All you need is the right community and motivation

If you strongly desire to develop your scholarly abilities, our journal club is the ideal community to be in. 

Our flexible classes, in-depth lessons, and seasoned, experienced and passionate instructors make it the ideal community for serious nurse academics and scholars. 

Elevate Your Professional Growth

In today’s rapidly evolving healthcare landscape, staying ahead is crucial. 

When you join our Journal Club, you’ll gain access to a network of experienced nursing professionals, including academics and scholars. You’ll also have access to cutting-edge academic research shaping the future of nursing.

Join nurses who share your thirst for knowledge and engage in thought-provoking discussions that fuel your curiosity, ignite your passion and inspire you to be more.

Forge Meaningful Connections

Imagine being part of a supportive community where your opinions matter, and your contributions are valued. 

Our Journal Club is a hub for networking and collaboration, bringing together nurses from diverse specialities and backgrounds. 

Forge lasting connections with passionate professionals who will inspire and empower you on your journey towards research and academic excellence.

Unlock Exclusive Benefits

As a valued member of our Nursing Journal Club, you’ll enjoy a host of exclusive benefits:

Learn How To Write & Conduct Quality Research: Writing and conducting research can be lonely and sometimes even frustrating. But it becomes easier for you when you belong to a community like our journal club. 

Our experts and scholars [many who have bagged PhDs and advanced nursing degrees] are ever ready to assist you. 

Curated Research Articles: Receive handpicked research articles from top nursing journals, carefully selected to keep you updated on the latest trends, studies, and discoveries.

Engaging Discussion Forums:

  • Participate in vibrant online forums where you can exchange ideas.
  • Share your insights.
  • Gain fresh perspectives on nursing research topics.

Expert Webinars and Workshops: Attend virtual events featuring renowned nursing researchers who will guide you through the intricacies of research methodology, literature review, data analysis, and more.

Publication Opportunities: Showcase your research by submitting articles to our research experts, who will mentor and guide you on how to get published in a renowned publication. 

Professional Development: Access a wealth of resources, such as career development tips, grant opportunities, and mentoring programs, to advance your professional journey.

Join Our Exclusive Community Today!

Don’t miss out on this extraordinary chance to become a member of our Journal Club!

We are actively seeking dedicated nurses like you who are eager to make a lasting impact in the field of nursing research. 

Embrace the opportunity to engage, learn, and contribute to advancing nursing knowledge.

Apply now and unlock a world of endless possibilities in nursing research! 

Check the poster above for more details.

Together, let’s transform the future of nursing through research and scholarly endeavours!

Join us now and stand out of the crowd. 

Submit abstract here.


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Besides Japaul House, Alausa, Ikeja, Lagos State.



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