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The Institute of Nursing Research, Nigeria shares very strong connections with the Fellowship of Christian Nurses, South-west Zone, Nigeria. 

To deepen the bond between both organizations, a “Tea-time” was organized as part of the Institute’s strategic move to spread its message of research and leadership excellence among nurses in Nigeria. 

This brief report captures the major highlights of the program. 

The meeting, which was held on July 30th, 2022 at 8 p.m (GMT+1), started with the moderator, Mr Oluwatobi Kolawole, welcoming everyone.

He then invited Mr Peter Alabi to give the opening prayer, after which the FCN anthem was sung. 

The moderator introduced the distinguished personnel from INR and FCN-SWZ in the meeting, which included the grand patron of FCN Southwest Zone, Rev. Olusegun Salako, Zonal Overseer, Mr Olabode Olaoluwa, FCN SW Zonal president, Mrs Azeez Faith, Chief Executive Officer of INR, Mr Akingbade Oluwadamilare, the Chief Operating Officer of INR, Mr Adesuyi Emmanuel, INR Director of Management Services, Mr Faleti Damilola; and the Director of Research & Statistics, Dr Tola Yetunde, while also acknowledging the presence of every other central executive at the meeting.

The moderator then invited the COO of INR, Mr Adesuyi Emmanuel, and the Director of Management and Administrative Services to talk about “INR’s Journey So Far.” 

Mr Adesuyi, sharing presentation slides, gave a 5-year compilation of INR’s activities from May 2016 to April 2022. 

He spoke on the birth of INR, the members (categories of nurses), the vision, the mission, the different activities and projects executed—research publications by members; the International Conference held last year; awards of honour given to the institute; collaboration with Optimal Health Initiative for the “Pad a Girl” Campaign; and other key activities of the Institute. 

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After that, Mr Olabode gave a goodwill message and he gave a short charge on “Balance”, referring to Ephesians 4:11, that God will use INR to equip men in every sphere of nursing till we all come into oneness. 

The Zonal President, Mrs Faith Azeez, was also invited to speak on Spirituality and Excellence.

Referring to Matthew 5:16, she said we are to represent God everywhere, including in the area of research. 

She also added that many leaders rode on the wings of research. So, as Christian nurses, we can’t do without research in the journey to getting to the peak of our professional careers.  

She said it is time to come out and do what God expects us to do and to find something to do in research, stating that there is so much to do. She added that Christians are to represent God in every sphere, and we must embrace what the Institute of Nursing Research, Nigeria is offering at this time.

In conclusion, she encouraged all to embrace what INR is offering– embrace research excellence so we would fit well into the divine positions God has for us.

Shortly after that, Rev. Salako was invited to anchor the session “INR In Prophecy.”

He started by praying and then spoke about the disheartening issues in nursing. He then spoke about how he entered into the prophetic ministry, referring to Ex 2:23-25, and how the prophetic journey started from the words God said in the scriptures at Eleyele, and how God spoke about the move from the school of Nursing to a university degree and the assignment God gave us in Nursing from Obadiah — that God will bring deliverers from FCN… And then in Ijebu ode in 2007, God spoke about bringing deliverers that would wipe out ungodliness… and how they must penetrate every sphere.

And because a platform was needed to birth the deliverers, INR was born. According to him, INR was not mainly about research from the onset but it was about getting nurses involved in the secular world and curing the many ailments of nursing education in Nigeria.

“INR is the physical hand of FCN that will bring saviours to nursing. INR was also meant to raise sons with political hearts.”

From there, INR began a move toward research. He stated that without research, any profession is dead, but we are to note that INR was born to bring the presence of God into the physical gatherings in nursing. 

The assignment of Joseph, our fruit extending over the wall, was given to us. And we have been given a platform to bring in more believers.

He asked how INR had been able to move this far, and he answered and said that we were children of prophecy. 

We are children that are sensitive, flexible, light, mobile, and not blind to seeing. He ended by saying, “This is only the beginning.”

As the meeting progressed, the IJC Nursing Cable newsletter was launched.

The CEO of INR, Mr Akingbade Oluwadamilare, then spoke about how far INR has come and stated that INR didn’t just start on its own but is based on prophecies, many of which have come to pass. 

He stated that every FCN member is a stakeholder and a delegate in INR and has an important role to play. 

He clarified the common misconception of him founding the institute, saying that he isn’t the founder but he and the other leaders are only pioneers. 

He acknowledged the leadership of INR leaders and the commitment of the leaders to the vision and prayed for the leaders. 

He said that INR is going global, even though it started small. He encouraged everyone to be involved in INR, saying that there is a space for everybody in INR! 

He also encouraged the active involvement of young ones in INR and gave a challenge to FCN leaders to sell the challenge of INR to students and ended by saying, “It can only get better!”

The moderator asked those with questions to drop them in the chatbox and appreciated everyone for joining the meeting. 

The meeting ended with a closing prayer and a few announcements.


Idigbe Glory [Assistant Editorial Officer, INR].

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