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2nd International Scientific Research Conference, 2023

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Title: Writing your Manuscript for publication II

Date: 9th April 2022   

Time: 10 am 

Venue: Zoom


The moderator, Nurse Eniola Dara welcomed everyone to the meeting. He encouraged everyone to register their names, after which he asked a few questions about the last class and then he introduced the speaker, Nurse Oluwadamilare Akingbade who immediately came on board.



The speaker introduced the lecture by stating the content of the lecture: A recap of the last class, academic writing tips, writing your paper, and final check.

He gave a recap of the last class and then continued the lecture.


“There are words, phrases and writing styles indicative of an academic paper. As you peruse papers from other authors, add these styles to your writing arsenal. They will come handy when you want to write your paper”

Oluwadamilare Akingbade

According to Mr. Akingbade, Academic writing tips include:

– Plan your writing by using an outline.

– Use active voice.

– Avoid repetition.

– Be concise.

– Use the vocabulary you know; but improve your vocabulary.

– Avoid choppiness.

– Use formal language.

– Write to express, not to impress.

– Vary your sentence structure.

Avoid plagiarism

Steps to avoid plagiarism:

– Read the passage several times to understand the meaning.

– Note down the key concepts.

– Write your version of the text without looking at the original.

– Compare your paraphrased text with the original passage.

– Make necessary adjustments where necessary.

– Cite the source where you found the idea.

Without publication, science is dead

Gerard Piel

Outline: An outline is a written plan of the organization of a paper which contains important ideas concerning a paper.

Title: it should contain the fewest possible words that describe the content of the paper.

List of authors: Every listed author should have made an important contribution to the study.

Typical sections of a research paper:

– Abstract

– Introduction

– Methods

– Results

– Discussion

– Conclusion

Abstract: This is a miniature version of the paper that can be structured or unstructured. It should not exceed what is specified by the journal.

Introduction: It includes background information, scope, and consequences of the problem, knowledge gap, etc.

Method: It includes design, sample, sampling size, intervention, etc.

Results: Organize your results in line with your objectives.

Discussion: How do your findings answer the research question or hypotheses?


Question 1: Regarding the plagiarism, if one or two words are included from the original article with proper citation, would it still be considered plagiarism?

Answer: some words are internationally accepted without many synonyms, but try your best to paraphrase every sentence.

Question 2: how do I prepare an abstract for a paper presentation from a manuscript that is not research-based.

Answer: An unstructured abstract can be prepared.

Question 3: How true is it that the table presentation of results is obsolete?

Answer: Table nor chart presentation is obsolete, it depends on the preference of the journal or organization.

Name of reporting member: Oluwatosin Olarinde


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