Why Nursing Students Find Research Boring: Five Odd Reasons & Possible Solutions


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The majority of Nursing students would agree that “Nursing Research,” is boring and they would skip that aspect of nursing if they could.

However, research plays a key role in nursing practice.

Research is at the heart of the practice of nursing. It enables nurses to provide evidence-based care to patients and clients.

While research can be boring, some tips can make it enjoyable. 

Firstly, let’s take a look at why students find the research aspect of nursing boring. 

Difficult and Boring:

Most students find nursing research to be a very difficult and boring thing to do. 

They complain that while even in class, they do not understand the course, they, therefore, see it as a burden on them and while they have the opportunity to, they prefer not to go into the research aspect of nursing.

Time Consuming:

Research can be time-consuming and students simply do not have much time to spend on research when they have other courses, practicals, and exams to focus on. Amidst going to classes and gaining clinical experience, they simply do not have the time to spare for research.

Limited Study Tools:

Many times while conducting research, students do not have the required instruments needed to carry out the research, and many a time, the recipients do not show interest in the research, thereby making it difficult for the students to remain motivated towards carrying out research. 

Lack of Experience and Mentorship:

Many nursing students find research boring and difficult because they do not have prior experience in research before embarking on a research journey and do not also have access to mentorship and when they meet a problem along the way, there’s no one they can turn to or who can help them, so they throw the idea of research away altogether and conclude it is a difficult aspect of nursing they would never need. 


The biggest reason of all is that they do not understand research and its importance to the profession.

Many nursing students do not understand how research applies to nursing and the role of scientific research in nursing. 

They do not understand how research studies can be implemented in the clinical area and so, they do not consider research as a vital aspect of nursing. 

Considering these five reasons why nursing students find research boring and would rather not be involved. What then are the possible solutions? Because it is undeniable research is an important aspect of nursing that cannot be overlooked. 

How can these problems be tackled?

Here are some suggestions: 

Simplifying The Research Process: 

many students consider research difficult and boring because while they were being lectured in school, they were not being taught explicitly enough and there was not enough practical guidance. 

The research process should be simplified and the course made interesting to build up students’ interest. 

There should be a breakdown of the steps to follow in carrying out research with adequate explanations and examples

A conducive learning environment should be provided for the students. 

Creating Enough Time for Research Into Students’ Study Schedules:

 It’s simply not easy for students anywhere to carry out research during lecture weeks or clinical experiences. 

It would be advisable if certain weeks or periods can be allocated for research during which the students would have no other activity or activities that steal their focus.

This would ensure that the students are invested and have enough time to carry out the research. 

Making Available the Necessary Tools: 

Students find research boring and difficult when they do not have the resources needed to carry out the research. Provision should be made for all necessary instruments needed to carry out the research and adequate knowledge of the research should be provided for recipients to enable their cooperation. 

Exposing Students to Experienced and Passionate Research Mentors

Enough mentorship should be provided for students while going through the research process. There should be an available mentor on the ground who would tutor the students in any area where they might be encountering problems. If possible, students might be assisted in the first research work and not left alone to do the work. 

The role of an easily accessible mentor cannot be overstated. 

Implementation of Research Findings:

Research carried out should be implemented in the clinical areas and students should be made to see how research aids nursing care and how it can be useful in the clinical settings. 

Students should be enlightened on how research can enhance nursing care and lead to the discovery of new methods of care that would be beneficial to the patients. 


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  1. Thank you Oyelami.
    This has helped me a lot. To generate my hypothesis on my research topic.

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