The Future Is Here: A Brief Personal Testimony On The International (Virtual) Scientific Conference


2nd International Scientific Research Conference, 2023

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The Virtual Scientific Conference organized by the Institute of Nursing Research, Nigeria was one of its kind. 

A remarkable event, one borne out of the pure desire to innovate, lead & transform. 

I have been working with the Institute for some time, and I can say that I know & understand its vision, mission & driving force. 

Here To Solve Real Problems

As the editor, I am well abreast of major happenings in the Institute and I know how hard & smart the leadership members work to design & create innovative & strategic programs that are targeted at improving the image of the Nursing profession in Nigeria & Africa. 

In the nick of time, at a strategic moment in the history of professional nursing, the Institute of Nursing Research Nigeria has stepped up to one of many challenges facing the nursing profession today – nursing leadership in the world of academia. 

The Institute is made up of nurses who are ready to cause paradigm shifts in the nursing profession, especially in the area of nursing research/academia, an aspect of nursing that takes a lot of grit to survive in [and which has suffered certain degrees of neglect in Nigeria & Africa]. 

This is the problem the Institute is solving, and I must confess [it’s also evidence] that It’s doing a good job. 

Working As A Volunteer

I have learned a whole lot working with the Institute as a volunteer.  

By interacting with the members & organizing major programs, both local & international, I have seen that nursing in Nigeria has all that it takes to be great. 

We can never know what people have inside them until we subject them to an environment that has all the requirements to extract the greatness in them. 

This is what The Institute does. It is so interested in the capacity building of nurses, in all spheres, not just in research, but in areas that matter to the modern nurse. 

The Institute of Nursing Research Nigeria is playing a very strategic role in moulding the future of Nursing in Africa. 

The Future Is Now

Without developing the inert qualities of the nursing profession, we will never be able to achieve Universal Health Coverage

We have been trying to achieve UCH, without really understanding the importance of developing the largest & most influential ecosystem in the healthcare universe – THE NURSING PROFESSION.  

This is what bodies like the Institute of Nursing Research, Nigeria strives to accomplish. 

The Institute has come up with her unique & innovative styles, strategies, methods & processes to make sure that the nursing profession, especially in Africa develops to its full potential.  

And as a private organization, The Institute is leaving enduring marks on the hearts of young nurses in Nigeria. 

Not just memories, but true impacts, transforming the way nurses think leadership, instilling in them the needed courage & confidence to cause the change that we need in the nursing profession. 

Advancing 21st Century Nursing Practice…

In the just-concluded virtual scientific research conference, The Institute played host to a variety of nursing leaders from Nigeria, Africa & other parts of the world. 

The Institute hosted the Chief Executive Officer of the International Council of Nurses, Howard Catton, and he addressed a very vital contemporary issue in nursing leadership –  Nurses’ response to the global pandemic and securing global health. 

Dr. Claudia Bertz chaired the ISfTeH [International Society For Telemedicine & eHealth] Telehealth Nursing Group for 10 years and was the Chair of the Telenursing Network for the International Council of Nursing from 2009 to 2015, she was a key speaker at the conference, where she addressed The Advances In Telehealth Nursing. 

Professor Bukola Salami of the Faculty of Nursing, University of Alberta, Canada was also a key speaker at the conference, she was able to bring insight into Policy, Politics, and the Nursing Profession.

The umbrella theme, Advancing 21st Century Practice Through Cutting-edge Research, Education & Policies, was brilliantly handled by Professor Patricia Davidson, global nurse leader, and vice-chancellor University of Wollongong, Australia.

And a host of other brilliant nurse leaders who brought insight & wisdom, leading us & exposing us to their unique ideologies about various issues in the world of nursing leadership, innovation & academia.

First Time For Many

For some of the nurses who were selected to present abstracts, it was their first time presenting in an international scientific conference; an experience they will never forget in a hurry. And a selected few went home with awards. 

This exposure has strengthened courage & increased confidence for many nurses who were given the privilege to present. They have also learned valuable presentation skills & methods which will help them in subsequent presentations, and above all built good relationships with other scholars.

Building Community

We are building a community. It’s not just structured around the rigid idea of organization or institution. We are working to establish real relationships knit together by the yarns of leadership, innovation, learning & impact. The future of nursing in Africa is bright, and we need the fuel of leadership in the world of academia to keep it burning.

You Should Reach Out To Us

We have gathered amazing testimonies from some of the participants [which will be made available soon]. 

These testimonies will spur you to take action and become a part of what is happening here. 

You will be connected to a global network of nursing scholars who are passionate about impacting their communities and the world with the power of research. 

Do you have a testimony that you would like to share with the world about how The Institute of Nursing Research, Nigeria has impacted your professional life? 

If you do, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. 

Send your testimonials directly to us on Whatsapp here, alongside an image. 

Testimonies can be as long as 250 words [we will select the ones to publish]. 


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