Amazing Benefits of Joining The Institute of Nursing Research’ Journal Club


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Benefits of Joining The Journal Club of Institute of Nursing Research Nigeria


Idigbe Glory (Member, INR Editorial Team)



Ayinla Daniel

The traditional culture of Journal Clubs is carefully built around rigorous scientific principles & methods, which are by original design isolated for scholars to enjoy. 

These characteristics of journal clubs have over the years made these academic communities look & sound boring & uninteresting to those who observe from without the high & lofty walls.

One foundational goal of the Institute of Nursing Research Nigeria is to demystify nursing research and the Journal Club is our ace academic tool that we have discovered to have the ability to bring this goal to fruition. 

In journal clubs, recent articles in academic, scientific, nursing & even philosophical literature are critically evaluated

The beauty of a journal club is wrapped in the opportunity every member gets to be able to voice their opinion; about methods used, designs adapted, & statistics employed, as they interact in a friendly environment with scholars of various caliber, who bring in their experiences & exposures to the party.  

In this short article, the author has been able to succinctly spell out some of the amazing benefits of becoming a part of our Journal Club. 

At the end of the article, we have included a link that leads to a page where you can easily sign up to become part of what we are doing. 

We can’t wait to have you on board…

Yours Scholarly,

Ayinla Daniel
Editor, Institute of Nursing Research Nigeria. 

Here are some of the interesting benefits of becoming a part of INR-JC: 

Keep nurses up-to-date with current research and clinical knowledge

Members of the journal club would be constantly exposed to, and gain access to current nursing literature, thereby keeping them abreast with new scientific knowledge. 

They would be provided with vital resources that will also help to polish their research faculties. 

Promote Professional Reading 

Professional reading is an option for professional development that encourages professionals to investigate issues and problems that have surfaced in their own professional experience and search for solutions that will enhance their knowledge and skill base. 

It also presents members with new ideas so they will not just depend on only their experience in the profession. 

Research publications would be distributed to members of the club before meeting days to prepare for the discussions; this would encourage members to read like professionals. 

Skill Development In Reading And Critically Appraising Research

Members of the Journal Club would learn how to appropriately critique research articles, recognizing their strengths and weakness, including their applicability to nursing practice. 

Research critique would also give a better & in-depth understanding of research works. 

Shorten The Knowledge-To-Practice Gap

The gap that exists presently between knowledge and practice in the nursing profession would be reduced when nurses have a better understanding of research.  

So, with better understanding and increased knowledge of the latest research findings, members would be able to easily and accurately apply results gotten from research endeavors to clinical practice for effective patient care. 

Promote A Structured Social Venue To Learn From Each Other, Stay Current, And Debate The Evidence

 The Journal club provides a forum for members from different nursing institutions to read and discuss nursing works of literature, as well as the results extracted from the research study. 

It gives room for learning from one another and also from seasoned researchers. 

Members would also be provided with mentorship along their research trajectories. 

Promote Interaction And Dialogue Among Nurses, Creating A Community of Practice

The journal club is opened to both nursing students and professionals from different specialties and institutions, so this allows members to interact and network with one another, and also learn from the experiences of others in the scientific community. 

The journal club also encourages members to bring both personal questions and those arising from practice, for appropriate answers, this also improves the interaction among nurses & other professionals.  

Incorporate Evidence Into Professional Practices And Patient Care  

Members of the journal club are allowed to learn how to apply the latest research findings to professional practice, this would ensure an evidence-based practice for effective patient care. 

Promote Team Building And Interdisciplinary Collaboration

During the learning sessions, members would be divided into groups and given assignments or projects to work on, this encourages collaboration among members of the club and promotes team-building among students and nurses in the club. 

Improve Patient Care Organization-Wide Through Policy And Procedure Changes

Through research findings, new and effective procedures can be put in place while archaic and baseless procedures can be discontinued in the care of patient/client based on the evidence gotten, which if utilized appropriately, have the power to change or modify policies that benefit patients & also nurses. 

Improve Presentation, Writing, And Communication Techniques

Through the different assignments, engagements & projects that members will partake in, they will improve in their writing, communication, and presentation skills. 

Members would also be taught how to use different modern tools & software for academic presentations.


Registered nurse/midwife/public health Nurse. She loves reading books and editing articles. Glory is interested in public health and Nursing research. She’s also passionate about health advocacy and volunteering.

We did not bother going into details here (which we will be doing with subsequent articles).

This just provides a brief description of some of the benefits our members are expected to enjoy if they join the Journal Club and are dedicated to its innovative programs & projects

To register to become a member of INR-JC, follow this link & fill the form provided.

In the next blog post, we will look at another interesting topic. 

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