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2nd International Scientific Research Conference, 2023

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The Institute of Nursing Research Nigeria was born out of the pure desire to rewrite some of the cultural & traditional narratives that have for long shaped the Nursing profession.

We as a community, since our existence, have strived to make sure that registered nurses both in our local community & the international, are brought to what we have decided to call “The Light.”

The Nursing profession for too long has labored under unnecessary burdens – professionally, academically & even culturally. And as a professional & academic body, we are tasked with the responsibility of making sure that the next generation of Nurses are ushered into a reality better than what their predecessors experienced.

The tool of research may be our primary banner, a major channel, but it is not the only instrument in our workshop. 

We understand that for there to be lasting & solid change in the Nursing profession, we have to inculcate the elements of leadership, collaboration & community, and this realization has helped us to spread our tentacles beyond the vast world of research, into other realms & dimensions that have the energy & resource that can be harnessed to help us reach our organizational goals.

Herein lies the reason why we are heavily invested in developing community programs, organizing outreaches, collaborating with professional, academic & social entities – and the Nursing Career Summit is one of such innovative collaborations – In conjunction with the Nursing Department of LAUTECH (Ladoke Akintola University Of Technology). 

The Paradigm shift that we are witnessing globally in the Nursing Profession did not start yesterday. What we are seeing & enjoying is a cumulative effect of the labors of Nurses who have worked, struggled, studied, and even suffered. And what we are doing, can be compared to a sort of catalyst in a global chemical reaction.

This is like a great revival for us as a profession. And for it not to die a premature death, we all must put our hands on deck, working, collaborating, writing, innovating, creating, researching, and doing all that we can for the greater good.

The Institute of Nursing Research Nigeria is a major player in this Great Shift. And she’s ready to put in all that she has, to make sure that the Nursing profession gets to the height that it should be, in all ramification.  

The 21st Century & Its Many Developments

As a writer, I spend most of my time outside the clinical environment reading & studying. And I have read a whole lot about the numerous technological developments that have affected the way we do things as human beings (I have also been (I have also been privileged to experience a couple of these changes).

The technological age or better call it the Digital Age, has affected every known industry under the sun. And the healthcare industry is no exemption, and it will never be an exemption. 

Though it may respond slowly to these changes, due to many understandable factors (social, ethical & economic), it still has not a choice but to bend to the Digital pressure that is being applied from different angles.

Nurses make the bulk of the healthcare workforce anywhere in the world. And I strongly believe that the gross neglect of the development & welfare of Nurses, has caused humanity plenty of troubles – the pandemic revealed a whole lot to us.

In the face of these developments, the world of Nursing is also drastically responding to these changes.

The advent of Digital Health; with its associated branches in Nursing Informatics, Healthcare Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Healthcare Data Analytics, etc, coupled with other major & minor developments, has placed the Registered Nurse in a situation where they can no longer rely on some of the older traditions & culture of Nursing Practice. 

There are diverse fields, and these changes, have in no doubt tampered positively with the way Nurses should choose their career paths in the 21st century. 

Discovering & Navigating

The new generation of Registered Nurses needs guidance. They have found themselves in the Digital Age, a maze-like episode of their career’s journey.

Older Registered Nurses, need to be exposed & ‘reorientated’ so that they can enjoy what the Digital Age has to offer, as they bring in their advanced exposures & priceless experience, mixing it with the digital developments that we see today, producing a balance, a fine balance, that in turn should go on to improve the overall image of the Nursing profession, on all fronts.

The Nursing Career Summit is multi-dimensional. It is structured in such a way that it serves the most basic needs of nurses who need career direction & guidance while providing them with mentorship relationships, exposing them to scholarship opportunities, and creating an environment that enables them to achieve what they have set out to. 

They won’t be left in the dark to fend for themselves, instead, they are brought into the fold, to enjoy the warmth of growth – exciting!

There are so many pathways. And paths are meant to be navigated. And navigation is only possible if there is a map, designed by those who have walked those paths. 

We will be having Nurses from all over the world, who have walked, and are still walking unique Nursing paths show us the rungs, reveal to us what we can do, to survive these paths.

It will be a wonderful moment to share, discuss, learn, interact, grow, reach out & connect. 

You do not want to miss it. It’s free & loaded with so many tools to help you make the right decisions as you ply the unique career paths you have decided to walk in.

Sincerely I must tell you, that it is going to be an adventure. And if you are yet to register, kindly find the form through this link.

You can always ask us your questions in the comment section or our Twitter handle, and we will answer you as soon as we get them.


5 Responses

  1. This is a wonderful introduction to the career summit. Indeed, both the young and old nurses can benefit from the program. I look forward to learning new ideas and unlearning all the myths I have held on to about nursing and her career options.

    This is the way to go!!!

  2. This is great, a welcome development that is capable of taking Nursing & Nurses to the next level. Kudos

  3. This is a brilliant development in nursing profession, hoping to improve or change nurse’s view and perception about nursing profession.

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