2nd International Scientific Research Conference, 2023

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HELD ON SATURDAY 28th of March 2021

The meeting started at 10:00 am, with greetings and welcoming by the moderator in the person of Nurse Kolawole Oluwatobi.

Each member was asked to register their presence in the group chat room and this continued as members joined the meeting.

At 10:12 am, The Guest Speaker, Dr. Tola Yetunde was introduced and welcomed by the moderator and the members of the journal club.

Dr. TOLA Yetunde began the presentation by introducing the topic titled “CRITIQUING ARTICLES.”

She started by giving the content of the presentation which include:

  • Domains of Research
  • Forming PICO
  • Critiquing quantitative studies
  • Critiquing qualitative studies

Dr. Tola proceeded by explaining that Critiquing is not criticizing. They are different, while Criticizing is fault finding, Critiquing is inquisitiveness and strength finding.

She also emphasized the need to be able to point out the strength and weakness of an article and building on the weakness instead of criticizing…

We started the content study by discussing the types of domains available.  

There are five types of domains which include:

Therapy domain: This talks about the way to accomplish the desired objective and the way to avoid undesirable outcomes.

Harm/etiology Domain: This deals with the cause of the undesirable outcome.

Prognosis Domain: Here she talks about what is likely to happen in the future for someone with a specific health condition.

Diagnosis Domain: Signs and symptoms to determine whether a patient does or does not have a specific health problem.

Human Response Domain: This deals with a process a person uses to deal with their health.


Meaning Domain: The meaning the person attaches to health experiences and the context of their lives that influences their health care values.

In the second part of the teaching, the concept of PICO was briefly explained. PICO is defined as the frame for developing clinical or research questions.

The full meaning is:

P- Population

I- Intervention

C- Comparison

O- Outcome

Articles should be carefully critiqued using a stepwise PICO process, Dr. Tola emphasized. She commented that by merely seeing the title of an article one must be able to State which domain it belongs to and then use PICO to analyze it…

She went ahead to tell us what to look out for in using PICO for each Domain…

She then cited an example for each domain using a research question to Critique and identity and point out PICO.

Critiquing quantitative studies was the third part of the lecture. 

Dr. Tola elaborated that experimental design falls under the Therapy domain and it has True and Quasi-experimental as its examples…

Non-Experimental. Under this, we have Descriptive/Explanatory and Correlational with some cogent points under them…

She then talks about the stepwise process in Critiquing qualitative studies, which has to do with carefully and step-wisely critiquing the Title, Abstract, Background, Method, Result, and Discussion.

 A practical session was started, where participants were given the opportunity of critiquing studies, from the title down to the discussion. 

She later divided us into three groups where she gave us an assignment of critiquing articles from the ones that were sent to the WhatsApp group earlier…

Each group did and after five minutes, we then came back together to report (all on zoom). After which room was given for questions or clarification…

Nurse Osatuyi Isaiah asked a question that what if his topic is a multidisciplinary one, that is not based on the Nursing profession alone, how did he go about critiquing the article, and Dr. Tola answered and did justice to the question…

And with the absence of further questions and clarification, Dr. Tola said she was excited that we got the teaching and she handed over the stage to the moderator by 11:50 am.

Mr kolawole, the moderator encouraged members to come earlier for the meeting to understand better and to avoid being lost during the presentation…

The meeting ended on this note by 11:54 am with 12 participants/members in attendance…

Reporting JC Press Member.

Ajiboye Caroline.

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