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2nd International Scientific Research Conference, 2023

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Theme: INR International Conference: The Role of Journal Club Members

Date: 31/7/2021      

Time: 11 am (GMT +1)

Venue: Zoom


We decided to adopt a different approach in this week’s journal club meeting; a panel-styled discussion. 

Some of our leaders were asked strategic questions and the brilliant answers formed the foundation for interaction. 

The bulk of questions asked were centred around personal academic experiences/exposures (presentation in an international conference), important questions about the Journal Club & questions about preparing an abstract.

INRN Editorial Team

Panel Discussion (Questions and Answers)

The meeting was a panel discussion with the following panelists: 

  • Mr. Akingbade Damilare (The CEO of INR)
  • Mr. Adesuyi Emmanuel (Operating Officer, INR)
  • Dr. Tola Yetunde (Director of Research and statistics, INR)
  • Mr. Faleti Daniel (Director of INR Journal club)

The first question was directed to Mr. Akingbade Damilare. 

Moderator: How was your First Experience in Presenting at an International Conference?

Mr. Akingbade: The experience was mind-blowing! It was in 2017, in Accra Ghana, where I presented part of my Master’s Research. The topic of the research is PRACTICE OF COMMUNITY-BASED TUBERCULOSIS CARE AMONG PATIENTS AND HEALTH PERSONNEL AT IBADAN NORTH LOCAL GOVERNMENT, OYO STATE, NIGERIA.

The experience brought me out of obscurity to feasibility. 

I was able to come out of the four walls of the University of Ibadan to the outside world, and fortunately, it was a Global Conference, one that brought professionals from different healthcare sectors together. 

I was also able to network and build relationships and since then, I have been going about motivating young Nurses. 

The Second Question was directed to Dr. Tola Yetunde.

Moderator: Can you share with us what your first experience in Presenting at an International Conference was like?

Dr.Tola Yetunde: I had the opportunity to present at an international conference in June 2021, even though it was virtual.

My Master’s research presentation was done in absentia, so I haven’t presented in a physical conference, unlike Mr. Akingbade… 

But I can say, even though it was virtual, the whole process was overwhelming, the experience was educative, informative. 

It taught me time management and also allowed me to be audible enough.

The third question was directed to Mr. Adesuyi Emmanuel.

Moderator: Can you tell us the Benefit of presenting an Abstract at a Conference?

Mr. Adesuyi Emmanuel: Thank you for that question…

You learn how to do something by doing it, and by doing it, you get to understand how to prepare your presentation i.e specific things from your research. 

You get to understand your research better, you have it at your fingertips. You gain mastery of your work, and also it helps to network and build relationships, It contributes to your curriculum vitae, especially published abstracts. It also provides opportunities to get scholarships and jobs.

The fourth question was directed to Mr. Faleti Daniel.

Moderator: Can you tell us some benefits of Presenting an Abstract at a Conference?

Mr. Faleti: Thank you for that question… To Buttress the benefits Mr. Adesuyi has explained, I will say, Presenting an abstract in a Conference creates Boldness, it helps one to be exposed and it also enables you to do what you are unable to do before…

The Fifth Question was directed to Mr. Faleti.

Moderator: What are the roles of INR Journal club members, being a part of the Institute of Nursing Research?

Mr. Faleti: Members of INRJC are automatically members of INR and they are expected to be fully involved in the planning of the upcoming INRN international conference because it is their program. 

They are trained to become a force to reckon with. They also serve as the link between the Institute and their various schools of Nursing, Department of Nursing, and Hospitals.

The sixth Question was directed to Mr. Adesuyi.

Moderator: Who can submit an Abstract?

Mr. Adesuyi: Anyone can submit an Abstract provided you have the consent of everyone involved in the Research project work.

The Seventh Question was directed to Mr. Faleti.

Moderator: Can I submit more than one Abstract for an International Conference?

Mr. Faleti: Yes, you can submit more than one… Each Conference has its own rules which must be strictly followed according to the theme/guideline.

The Eighth Question was directed to Mr. Adesuyi.

Moderator: What kind of research can be presented at an international Conference?

Mr. Adesuyi: It depends on the theme and guidelines… most common is Empirical Study, Quantitative and Qualitative Research.

The Ninth Question was directed to Dr. Tola Yetunde.

Moderator: How do Members prepare their abstracts?

Dr.Tola Yetunde: They have to read the guide and follow the rules… there are no universal Rules, each conference has its particular style…

The Tenth Question was directed to Mr. Adesuyi Emmanuel. 

Moderator: How to prepare an Abstract… Does INRJC have a role to assist?

Mr. Adesuyi Emmanuel: Yes, Even though the researcher do the searching themselves, but you can approach any of the INRJC executives, they are ready to help and they are approachable… Don’t die in silence.

The Eleventh question was directed to Mr. Akingbade Damilare.

Moderator: What are the salient errors we should avoid when preparing our abstract?

Mr. Akingbade Damilare: One of the priceless indispensable qualities of a researcher is the ability to pay attention to details

This particular attribute, we are fast losing, because this generation loves fast/quick results without wanting to go through the process.

The discussion ended with a question from one of the Journal club members, which was directed to Dr. Told Yetunde…

Journal club member: Can I present an already published abstract or the one about to be published?

Dr. Tola Yetunde: More details are needed concerning that question, but if you publish it as an abstract on its own, you might not be able to publish it, because the conference will also publish theirs (This is called self-plagiarism).

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The INR Chief Operating Officer, in the person of Mr. Adesuyi Emmanuel, announced that INR is giving INR journal club members a 30% discount to present their abstract in the forthcoming conference. 

He also emphasized that there is a required fee for undergraduates, which includes Department of Nursing, college, and schools of Nursing is #5,000 (naira), while the required fee For postgraduate and staff Nurses is #7,000 (naira) (Early bird registration).

Mr. Akigbade added that members of the journal club could get the Abstract guidelines on the INR website.


The moderator appreciated the panelists and encouraged the journal club members to retrieve their forgotten research projects and work on the abstract for submission and seek help when necessary, and with that, the meeting came to a close.

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