2nd International Scientific Research Conference, 2023

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Date: 15th Of January, 2022

Time: 10am

 Venue: Zoom


The meeting started at 10:00 am. The Moderator, Nurse Kumi Sarah welcomed everyone present and requested that participants introduce themselves.

Forty-five participants started the orientation meeting.



At 10:10 am, the moderator introduced the Central Executives, which are:

Nurse Akingbade Oluwadamilare (CEO, INR);

Nurse Emmanuel Adesuyi (Chief Operating Officer, INR);

Nurse Faleti Daniel( Director of INRJC);

Nurse Tola Yetunde(Director of Research and statistics);

Nurse Akinyemi Bose;

Nurse Kolawole Oluwatobi;

Nurse Oyeleke Mary.

Then, She went ahead to state the outline/order of the program.


At 10:20 am, The first opening remark/welcome address was taken by Nurse Akingbade Damilare (CEO, INR).

In his address, he welcomed all the new members, giving a brief background of INR [history, achievements & vision]. 

He went ahead to appreciate the student bodies (NUNSA & NANSNM) for their support over the years.

At 10:26 am, the second opening remark was taken by Nurse Faleti Daniel in absentia (Director of INRJC) represented by Nurse Akinyemi Bose. 

She gave a brief introduction about what INR is, as a non-governmental organization, its goals, aims, and what INR is all about. 

She also emphasized the importance of attendance with the active participation of new members.

The third Speaker in the person of Nurse Alabi Peter gave more detailed information on INR and INRJC

He spoke about the objectives of INRJC, its overall goal, and also its core values which include; Research process, Learning, Rigorousness, Academic Honesty, and Networking.

He went further to discuss the aims and goals of INRJC, some of which include;

– To improve the knowledge of research methodology and biostatistics.

– To provide improvement for clinical practice with the help of the latest research findings.

– To provide Academic Honesty amidst others…

He also stated the benefits of INRJC, i.e what you stand to gain which includes; helping to keep nurses up to date with current research and clinical knowledge and promoting professional reading, after which he handed over to the next speaker.

At 10:43 am, The fourth speaker in the person of Nurse Adesuyi Emmanuel, the Chief Operating Officer, spoke about the Journal club’s mode of operation. 

He defined what a Journal Club is; A group that meets regularly to review and critique scientific literature. 

He gave a background history of how and why it was started as far back as 1875. 

Furthermore, he gave 4 major modes of approach which includes;

– Traditional or classical approach.

– Learner-centered approach(evidenced-based).

– Flipped approach.

– Virtual online approach (avenue for networking).

He also spoke about the INRJC approach which are;

– The meeting schedule (every 2weeks).

– What is expected from each member ( Come for training, understand the research process, development, how to appraise and publish works of literature, and a lot more.)

– Meeting platform will be created Online; Zoom Platform is preferred due to the heterogenicity of our members.

In addition to what other speakers have said, Nurse Kolawole Oluwatobi rounded up the session by stating some Guidelines/Instructions for cohort 4 members.

He said the meeting time is 10 am, on Saturdays. He emphasized that meetings are necessary but not compulsory because of the peculiarity of the profession.

And due permission [with good reasons] should be taken from the executives if a member is going to be absent [members are expected not to miss more than one meeting a month]. 


The closing remark was given by the Director of Research and StatisticsNurse Tola Yetunde, who appreciated everyone.

She said that it is a great opportunity for the new members to be part of this initiative and she sees it as a self-learning process, therefore new members should be able to motivate themselves.

She also stressed that new members should be free to ask questions because no one is an island of knowledge. She encouraged new members to try to volunteer and show interest in learning without attaching financial benefits. Doing this will also add to one’s CV. According to her, Our core language is Research.

Questions & Answers

Question 1: How can we assess the program handbooks?

Nurse kolawole Tobi: It will be sent to the cohort 4 WhatsApp page.

Question 2: Will cohort 4 members be merged together with cohorts 1,2 & 3?

Answer: No, Every Cohort has their meetings based on the stage of the research process they are.

Question 3: Will the deadline for the cohort 4 registration is extended, especially for someone who is interested in joining?

Answer: Unfortunately, it won’t, because it closed last night(14th of January 2022). The individual would have to wait till July 2022, by then a form would be out for cohort 5 members.

Further Announcements/End of Meeting

The moderator stated that a WhatsApp page has been opened for Cohort 4 members, so any other questions and further clarifications should be sent to the platform or should be directed to any of the INRJC Central executives. 

The moderator also told the new members that their consistency and attendance in subsequent meetings will go a long way in maximizing their stay.

She went further to announce that an INR publication titled RESEARCH MADE EASY is available and anyone interested can get it from Nurse Oyeleke Mary, whose number would be sent to the Cohort 4 WhatsApp page.

The meeting ended at 11:30 am with a total number of 50 participants.

Reporting INRJC Press Team Member

Ajiboye Caroline


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