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2nd International Scientific Research Conference, 2023

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We are still reflecting. Looking back at our experiences in the Scientific Conference held last year. We believe that these testimonies will spur more Nurses to become serious with research. 

If you have a testimony about how INR has impacted you as a Nurse, kindly reach out to us. We can’t wait to hear your testimony and share it with the world. 

In many of our academic health science centre, the key missions are clinical care, research, and education. We also need to think about innovation and community, and how we can translate this into policy”

Professor Patricia Davidson | INR International Scientific Conference, 2021

It was my first time participating and presenting at an International Scientific Conference. It was a life-changing experience for me, and I learned a lot from it.

I believe this short testament encourages someone out there to take the necessary steps towards becoming. 

How It All Started

I am a member of The “Institute of Nursing Research, Nigeria Journal club” (it has been a wonderful experience so far if you ask me) and we were encouraged to submit abstracts for the upcoming scientific conference. 

I didn’t take it seriously until we had a journal meeting on our roles for the conference as members and guidelines on the abstract submissions. 

After that time, I spoke with a colleague who told me she was working on an abstract to submit. 

This spurred me to action and I decided to show my mentor and some leaders at INR who guided me on structuring my abstract for the presentation.

Trust me, it wasn’t an easy process. I also had to inform my supervisor and a colleague who assisted in carrying out that study. 

When it was selected, I was surprised and excited! Then, after several corrections, I had to prepare the slides but I didn’t have the access to the resources needed, so I had to speak up to my colleague (co-author), he then prepared the slides and with help from my mentor and the committee, the slides were edited. 

With excitement coupled with some anxiety, I looked forward to the conference. 

Now, I think I should admit here that I have always been interested in conferences and seminars in areas of my interest which of course includes Nursing Research, as it updates my knowledge and keeps me abreast of the latest developments in Nursing, and I also get to interact with great minds, blazing the trail in the profession. 

I was also particularly excited about this conference because I am a Journal Club member and a member of the Editorial Unit, so it was quite personal to me. 

From the plenary sessions to the panel discussions to the abstract presentations, it was an exciting experience for me, having to drink from the wealth of knowledge of the professionals that spoke to us at the conference.

When it came to my turn to present, I wasn’t able to present because of the terrible network connection. I tried severally and even used my phone but the attendees could barely hear me. 

I felt so bad and embarrassed, I mean this was an international platform! 

Thankfully, I was given another opportunity to present the next day. (I later found out I was using a lesser network connection, hence the instability in network reception). 

I was morally supported and encouraged by my mentor, close acquaintances, and family.

I told myself I wasn’t going to give up, I would try again and God would help me and you know what?

How It Ended

I had a test rehearsal with my mentor the next morning and everything went just fine or so I thought because when it was time for me to present, I couldn’t find my slides on the laptop. 

I was perplexed and the moderators kept reminding me of my time, stating they might have to call someone else up. 

I said to myself, “not again!” I became jittery. 

Eventually, I ended up having my slides projected by the committee and I started my presentation, and I managed to answer the questions I was asked after presenting. 

At that point, I was just grateful to be able to present, not minding if I qualified for an award or not! 

But you see, surprisingly I did get an award — 2nd runner up for best oral presentation, staff category! 

I was dazed! The laptop I was using shut down at the point my name came up on the screen and I had to use a phone to reconnect back. 

It was so surreal! Against all odds, I presented and got an award! (to the glory of God). Of course, this is one of many better things to come! I know it!

I must confess, I am grateful to The Institute of Nursing Research, Nigeria for giving me this opportunity. And the impact it is making as an organization. 

Joining the journal club is one of the best decisions I made this year, it has been a journey of progress so far and I thank God for that.

I hope this article inspires you. 

I never intended to write it but I was encouraged to do so and I saw the importance; maybe this would inspire someone to do the unimaginable, to step out and reach for greatness, one step at a time!

There is a testimony sitting inside you that needs to be told, of how The Institute of Nursing Research, Nigeria has brought out the dormant scholar in you, of how we have helped you better appreciate the science and art of research. Don’t hesitate to send us your testimony to us, and our editors will keep in touch with you.


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